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Our Distance Learning Program

The advantages of our distance learning program:

  • More efficient use of your time: The time you would otherwise spend on making travel arrangements and being in an actual travel status can be devoted to learning.
  • Flexibility: You are not obligated to any sort of fixed schedule. You can learn in your own time.
  • Convenience: Learn from your home or office. You can even learn while sitting on your back patio in your pajamas and house shoes.
  • Only you know the right pace and the way you learn best.
  • Immediate application: If you are a farmer or rancher, you can complete a lesson (or part of a lesson) and immediately go out and apply what you learned.
  • We provide you with a mentor that will answer your questions and guide you through the learning process—the next best thing to having an instructor come to your farm or ranch and give you private, one on one instruction.

Here is how it works:

Once we receive your payment (by check or money order in US $), we will send your workbook and learning materials via the US Postal Service. (Note: It may take one to two weeks for delivery in the US and up to three weeks abroad.)

Today's technology enables us to offer a highly personalized distance learning experience. With web cams and digital photography we can answer your questions and give you advice much more efficiently and cheaply than before these technologies were developed. We subscribe to Skype (a web based phone service) that allows teleconferencing at a very low cost.

But, if you are not technologically adept, don't panic. All your REALLY need is a telephone.

Once you get started, you will commit to a regular pre-scheduled telephone call or web cam conference with your mentor-instructor. These sessions usually last an hour and are scheduled on a regular basis (at least once a month).

If we have to rely on the old-fashioned “land line” (telephone) you will be responsible for any long distance charges.

As with any other endeavor, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of this excellent learning opportunity. We recommend that you allow at least two to four hours per week for self-study (including completion of workbook exercises) between web conferencing or telephone sessions.

We also recommend that you complete the lessons in their prescribed step by step sequence as the learned material is cumulative. What you are able to learn today depends on how well you learned yesterday's lesson.

Each distance course includes all necessary learning materials.

Click on each individual course to see a course description.

Fee Schedule for Distance Learning & Mentoring




Each Additional Person**

Introduction to Rangeland Restoration™



Long-term Planning and Strategic Goal Setting



The Ecology of Rangeland Restoration™



Management Tools



Management Guidelines



Infrastructure Planning



Grazing Planning



Financial Planning: Managing the Ranch as a Business



Ecological and Financial Monitoring



Complete Package of all Nine Lessons (Save 20%)****



Telephone or Web Cam Consultation by the hour



Telephone or Web Cam Consultation Full Year Plan



* All prices are in US Dollars

** Each additional person enrolled in the course from the same business with a limit of up to 5 people.

***Free to anyone enrolling in any of our courses.

**** Paid in full distance learning enrollees in the complete Certificate Program (all nine lessons) receive a half-off discount for any of the live seminars or workshops that we sponsor, schedule and promote.

Whether live or by distance learning, anyone who successfully completes all nine lessons and scores 75 or above on an examination given at the end of each lesson will:

  • Receive the Certified Rangeland Restoration Specialist™ certification
  • Earn a place in or our organization as an “Associate Consultant”
  • Receive referrals for paid consulting work that come from their geographic area
  • Be included, as appropriate, as a paid presenter in our live seminars and workshops.

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