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Fee Schedule

Generally, work can be done at:
  • Agreed-upon fee for specified service or product.
  • Monthly retainer fee to carry through a project.
  • Hourly, weekly, monthly or annual rate (see table)

Extraordinary expenses, such as travel (mileage at current IRS rate), are extra. Ordinary office expenses (phone, routine copying, etc.) are included in the fee.

(All fees are per consultant)

Duration Government agencies large corporations Individuals, small family owned partnerships and corporations The cause is worthy and the client is poor

First Hour (if by phone)

Free. Client pays for the call

Free. Client pays for the call

Free. Client pays for the call

Less than one working day

$300 per hour


$150 per hour


1-4 working days**

$1,950 per day

$975 per day


5-20 working days

$9,000 per 5 day week

$4,500 per 5 day week

$3,000 per 5 day week

21 working days

$33,000 per month

$16,500 per month

$11,000 per month

3 site visits with unlimited telephone consulting for 12 months

$105,000 per 12 months

$24,000 per 12 months

$16,000 per 12 months

* All fees are plus expenses (per diem) and the time spent in travel.

** A working day is any period of 4 hours or more.

All fees are subject to change and all payments of fees must be made before the services are rendered.

Joint venture relationships and rates are also available and negotiable based on the specifics of the case.

Do these fees seem extraordinarily high?

To those who have never been a consultant, it can seem like quite a racket. Many choke on what at first appears to be an outrageously high hourly rate. Here's why we charge what we do:

  • When placed in the proper perspective, our fees are NOT high! Compare a 300% increase in your annual profitability with the fee. As the kids say nowadays, it's a "no brainer." You will learn things the first day in one of our courses that will more than pay for the entire course.
  • We can get away with it. Welcome to the world of supply and demand. We have more offers for work than we can do.
  • We are worth it. You are hiring us for what and who we know, what we can do, and make (or not make) happen.
  • You need us. One hires a consultant because they either: (a) need expertise that their organization does not have; or, (b) have the expertise, but don't have the time or manpower to complete the work.
  • We are available when you need us.
  • Paid work usually begins after the first call.
  • We may get that much per hour, but we do not always bill every hour.
  • The hourly rate is more than the individual consultant takes home.
  • It also has to cover: a) basic office overhead (rent, phone, utilities, equipment, etc.); b) taxes; c) insurance; d) professional dues and fees.
  • It does not cover: a) out-of-pocket travel expenses; b) conference calls that we set up; c) off site (large) amounts of copying, printing, etc.
  • Unlike a salary, what the individual consultant does take home must cover: a) retirement; b) sick leave; c) health insurance; and, d) vacation.
  • Covering all those free consults. Often, someone calls seeking helpful, if not critically important, advice and they get what they need in the first hour. However, it becomes clear that is all they needed from us. If we were attorneys, our billing department would just send a bill at the end of the month and you would just pay it.
  • We have to market our services. Advertising is costly nowadays

Actually, we keep our rates affordable by setting them lower than we could. We try to do only what the client needs us to do, not necessarily all that needs to be done. That work that can be done in-house or by other less-expensive consultants should be.

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