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Land Management Through Leasing

We can assume the management of your land through a lease agreement. If you will let us, we can improve the condition of that land drastically. Actually, without getting too technical, we focus on the management of the top two inches of the soil. This, in turn, increases soil nutrients and water holding capacity which increases forage productivity and the bio-diversity of the land.

By starting with basic soil management coupled with and understanding basic grazing principles, our method favors the conditions for optimal forage production throughout the year.

Where conventional range managers use environmentally heavy handed and expensive mechanical and chemical methods, we use livestock as tools to improve and manage your land.

You will be amazed at how much better your land will look after only a short time under our intensive management method.

Provisions of our typical land lease agreement:

Term of the lease: The longer the better, not only for us, but the land owner as well. Improvement in the condition of the land with Restoration Grazing™ is relatively rapid but not instantaneous. For this reason, the minimum term of a lease that we would consider is 5 years (preferably 10). The lease does not start until the day the cattle are placed on the land.

Fencing Materials: We provide the materials and labor to install electric fences where they are needed to best implement our grazing program and improve the condition of the land owner's property. At the end of the lease, all fencing materials (posts, wire, chargers, etc) belong to us. The landowner will give us 90 days to remove the posts and wire from the property.

Liability: The cattle owner will have a liability policy in effect before the cattle are placed on the property.

Livestock Management: The lessee will have 100% control over all forage and grazing management decisions. Cattle will be rotated through the paddocks during the periods of rapid vegetative growth on a schedule that guarantees individual plants will be given ample time to recover from their previous grazing. During the dormant season, the animals will be rotated rapidly enough to ensure a relatively constant plane of nutrition.

Wildlife Concerns: Our management approach takes wildlife into consideration as a matter of routine. We can also manage the hunting operation for an owner that does not care to be bothered with the administrative load. However, if the land owner desires to hunt the property him/her self, livestock are placed in areas during the season where they will not interfere with the hunting. We will agree to control trespassing on the property.

Drought: Our management plan always assumes that we are going into a drought (because, in the Southwest, we probably are). As a consequence, we are generally much better off during dry spells than our neighbors. But, in an extremely rare case where drought is so serve that no forage is produced for an entire year, no cattle will be grazed that year. Such a drought year will not count as a lease year, nor will any lease payment be due.

Payment Schedule: We make our lease payments twice yearly: November 1st and May 1st.

Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will figure out how to best serve your needs.

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