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Lesson 1: Introduction to Rangeland Restoration

Learning Objectives:  

In this lesson, you will:

  1. Learn what is unique about “our way of making decisions.
  2. Learn to understand and explain the significance and importance of the four major insights developed by over the years by Alan Savory.
  3. Learn the structure of our management and decision making process and gain some insight into the topics covered in the remainder of the course. 

Lesson Outline:

  1. Our way of making decisions
  2. Key Insights and Resistance to Change
    1. Insight 1: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
    2. Insight 2: The Brittleness Scale
    3. Insight 3: The Role of Predator and Prey
    4. Insight 4: The Role of Time
  3. Introduction to and Overview of the remainder of the course

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