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Lesson 6: Infrastructure Planning (5 contact hours)

If the role of time is properly understood, one realizes that animals have to move continuously and, to do this requires fences, water points and handling facilities, hence the need for infrastructure planning.

This lesson covers the practical aspects of infrastructure planning and developing infrastructure.

Infrastructure planning has 4 stages:

  • Gather information and prepare maps. This stage can take a year or more to complete.
  • Brainstorm many possible layouts. All you will need is a day or so to get this step finished.
  • Create the ideal plan. You can plan on spendintg a year or more on your ideal plan.
  • Then, gradually implementing the plan can take decades.

These 4 stages are further sub-divided into a total of 7 steps:

  • Gathering important information.
  • Preparing maps and overlays.
  • Deciding on herd and cell sizes.
  • Preparing maps for planning.
  • Holding the planning session.
  • Designing the ideal plan.
  • Implementing the plan.

If you follow the steps, your final plan will develop almost as a by-product of the process.

We cover each of these stages and steps in minute detail.

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