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We use an intensive cell grazing method on all the lands that we manage. Our emphasis is on keeping the grazing period short and thereby ensuring a more constantly high plain of nutrition and clean water for your animals.

We manage for the health of the system as a whole--the grass, the water, the soil and the overall health and well being of the herd.

Provisions of our typical custom grazing agreement:

Grazing Management: We are responsible for moving cattle as needed, depending on growing conditions. Cattle will be rotated through the paddocks during the periods of rapid vegetative growth on a schedule that guarantees individual plants will be given ample time to recover from their previous grazing. During the dormant season, the animals will be rotated rapidly enough to ensure a relatively constant plane of nutrition.

Supplements and Vet Medicines: The cattle owner will provide all salt, mineral and any other nutritional supplement. We will ensure that the supplement is available and with the cattle after each paddock change. Cattle will be checked every two days. If health problems are detected, we notify the cattle owner.

Liability: The cattle owner takes full responsibility for any death, injury, or loss of cattle and agrees to have a livestock liability policy in effect before the cattle are placed on the property.

Payment Schedule: Pasture rent is due at the end of each month.

We prefer to pasture stocker cattle during the period of active vegetative growth (normally late summer-early fall in our area). Southwestern pastures generally “cure” really well and are as good as they come for over-wintering and putting “frame” on stocker cattle. Winter in the Southwest is also a really good time to run dry cows.

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