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No two ranches are alike. Each is as unique as your fingerprint. Therefore, every situation requires management that must be an original product of human imagination, and even that must evolve as the situation changes. Creativity is critical and needed constantly.

Fortunately, creativity is not strictly genetic. It depends on the environment and the commitment the person has to achieving their goal. We are totally committed to helping you set and achieve your goals.

Land & Livestock International, Inc is a leading firm providing a complete range of land and livestock management services. These services include the acquisition, management and disposition of investments in working livestock ranches for institutional, corporate and individual clients.

Asset Management 

We understand every aspect of the working livestock ranch. This enables us to see opportunities that most people don't and allows us to get the most for our clientele from their agricultural investments.

We will help you design, create and manage your western rangeland portfolio. Our staff and network of associates are a diverse group of professionals whose expertise and experience in livestock ranching truly sets us apart from our competitors.

Ranch Management 

In today's environment, ranch land owners need more than just a casual observer to "keep an eye on the place." They need someone who can manage the property and carefully analyze each business decision and its effect on profitability and rangeland care. We offer a complete spectrum of services and the promise of prompt, personalized and professional service.

Maximizing Ranch Returns 

All of our services can be tailored to the client's specific goals and objectives. We care about your ranch as much as you do because we profit only when you profit.

Allowing the professionals at Land & Livestock International, Inc. to take proper care of your ranch is a wise management decision for the future. You will have selected dedicated, experienced professionals in ranch management who will protect, maintain and improve your investment, while maximizing your returns.

Real Estate Marketing

Rangeland in the western United States is a proven investment. We are not licensed real estate brokers or appraisers. However, if brokerage and/or appraisal services are needed, we can recommend and refer you through our elaborate network of rural real estate professionals.

In addition, we can act as your advisor and representative throughout the acquisition and liquidation phases of the ranchland assets in your portfolio. Our due diligence process will assure you an asset selection that will effectively meet your objectives.

As your portfolio managers, we will provide a fully integrated management platform that combines a broad global presence with world-class asset management with long-term view that emphasizes growth through sustainable practices.

The long-term outlook for the grazing land asset class is favorable. In addition, we hold a long-term view of ranchland investing that emphasizes responsible stewardship of the land and a risk-managed approach.

Furthermore, ranchland differs from other asset types in its market cycles and can potentially reduce volatility relative to a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate as well as provide a hedge against inflation.

We are capable of serving as an integral part of the entire asset acquisition, management and liquidation process.

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