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Lesson 5: Management Guidelines (3 ½ contact hours)

This lesson provides guidelines for four management parameters: controlling time; stock density and herd effect; burning; and population management.

Under the heading of controlling time, we discuss:

  • The role of monitoring growth rates of perennial grasses;
  • How we base our grazing period on a reselected recovery period;
  • The advantages of having many paddocks;
    • More Even Grazing
    • Increased Energy Flow
    • Improved Animal Nutrition
  • Planning a drought reserve
  • Other topics

We discuss numerous topics under the heading of stock density and herd effect. For example:

  • The relationship between stock density and animal performance;
  • How we go about routinely inducing herd effect
  • The type of livestock
  • Herd size Matters
  • Using attractants to induce herd effect
  • Using ultra-high densities to induce herd effect

Since it is one of the most abused management tools, we go into great depth in discussing the pros and cons of burning.

Under population management we deal with;

  • Self-regulating vs. non-self-regulating populations
  • Age structure and population health
  • The limitations of game counts, and
  • Dealing with predators

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